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Carraway Island Route 62
CIR 62.png
Route Information
Existed: 1955-present
Counties: Sagemas


Local Names: Route 62, Kleftenhauf Boulevard, Hall Boulevard, Walkfront Street
Major Junctions
West Terminus: I-C21.pngI-C21 in West Lakes
CIR 3.pngCIR 3 in Adustelan

CIR 62V.pngCIR 62V in Adustelan

East Terminus: Ventana Avenue in Adustelan

Carraway Island Route 62 is a highway maintained by the Federal Government of Carraway Island running from Intercounty C21 in West Lakes, Sagemas up until an intersection with Ventana Avenue/Boulevard in the neighborhood of Kempton, Adustelan, in Rilloq.

The road forms somewhat of an inverted J-shape as it goes across the eastern interior of Carraway Island. Most of its length it is known simply as Route 62, though it changes names three times while in the City of Adustelan.

The route has one spur: CIR 62-V in Adustelan, also known as the Werkheiser Viaduct. It was assigned in 1994.

History (fictional)

The road was originally referred to as County Route 14 in Rilloq and County Route 156 in Sagemas. In 1955, the two counties transferred ownership of the county maintained routes to the Federal Government of Carraway Island, and the road became Route 62. Afterwards, all county maintained roads solely within the city of Adustelan were either upgraded to state routes or handed over to the Adustelan Department of Transportation. County routes still exist elsewhere in Rilloq, however.

The Carrawayan Transportation Agency considered routing Route 62 directly through City Center instead of bypassing it to the west and north but the proposal was ultimately denied as the City of Adustelan was unwilling to continue maintenance of Hall Boulevard and Walkfront Street, both formerly county maintained. The proposal to bring Route 62 into City Center would have had the route continuing on Soundsurf Avenue north of Kleftenhauf Boulevard. This stretch of Soundsurf is on average narrower than Hall Boulevard and is a road that the city already maintained.

Route 62 ultimately received a spur (CIR 62-V) in 1994 leading into City Center on the Werkheiser Viaduct.