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Carraway Island Route 3
CIR 3.png
Route Information
Length: Unmeasured
Existed: 1937-present
Counties: Rilloq


Local Names: Jennaviva Boulevard, Falkenstrom Street, Hyunn Street, Katonka Parkway, Logan Road, Nestem-Kansopel Road
Major Junctions
South Terminus: I-C6 near Kansopel
I-C4.pngI-C4 in Adustelan

CIR 62.pngCIR 62 in Adustelan

North Terminus: I-C21.pngI-C21 in Adustelan

Carraway Island Route 3 is a major north-south highway maintained by the Federal Government of Carraway Island. It runs from Intercounty C21 in the City of Adustelan, in Rilloq, to an intersection with Intercounty C6 in an unincorporated area southwest of the Town of Kanspoel, in Bisloeca.

Development in Minecraft

The route designation was created by StaticAnnouncement as part of a major roadway renovation project on several existing roads between Habercore and Dolanburg on September 19, 2019.