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CIPTM Building
The Museum's Main Building in Cranston, October 2016
The Museum's Main Building in Cranston, October 2016
General Information
Completed 1974
Location 45 Meridian Street

Cranston, Adustelan CW008

Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Record Height
Tallest building in Adustelan? Never
Technical Details
Height 298 ft
Floor Count approximately 10
Building Purpose Museum
Primary Building Materials Stained Clay, Stained Glass, Stone
Added to ARHP January 3, 2014

The Carraway Island Public Transit Museum is an interactive museum based in the City of Adustelan. It focuses on the various transit systems of Carraway Island, primarily the Adustelan Metro and its predecessor the Adustelan Rapid Transit System, but also various bus and roadway services. The museum is open from 6 am to 11 pm every day of the year except Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The main museum building is located in a high-rise skyscraper (known formally as the CIPTM Building) that opened in 1974 in Cranston at the corner of Meridian Street and Whitegale Avenue.

The CIPTM Building was added to the Adustelan Register of Historic Places on January 3, 2014.

Current Exhibits

  • A 1971 school bus manufactured by the Adustelan Roy K. Davis Bus Company
  • A replica of the former interior of Agnes Street-Marigold Subway Station (New in 2013)
  • A replica of the former interior of Trade Center-Soundsurf Subway Station (New in 2014)

Many of the original A/C Line stations will be integrated into the museum in 2014 due to the 2014 Adustelan Metro Renovation Project, which will update every station on the A and C lines.

Adustelan Rapid Transit System Tours

The Museum also conducts tours of several abandoned underground tunnels of the former Adustelan Rapid Transit System. These adventure tours are not mentioned on the museum's website or in any brochure, and must be requested in person to a museum employee. Due to heavy demand, people often need to make reservations weeks in advance, and tours are only reserved for those who are members of the museum. As a result, few people have seen the southernmost abandoned transit tunnels after the closure of the system in 1966. The tunnels exist in fragmented segments, and it is currently illegal and virtually impossible to reach the tunnels from street level as of 2014 other than through the museum.

Tour prices are at the discretion of the requested employee, but typically average around $150 per person for a 3 hour tour.

Development in Minecraft

The base of the structure was begun in November 2013 by StaticAnnouncement, and the old Agnes Street-Marigold Station was integrated into it by December 2013. However, it did not achieve its skyscraper status until January 3, 2014, when the old O'Charmel Mall Subway Station was added to the museum's top level. This portion was eventually removed in July 2015.

The structure was moved to its current location in Cranston in early 2016. The structure was further shortened on May 5, 2019.