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Carmichael's from the street, December 2015

Interior of Carmichael's Deli while closed for the new year, 31 December 2015

Carmichael's Delicatessen is a historic local eatery located at 30 Saint Lucia Avenue on the western boundary of City Center, Adustelan. It first opened in 1943.

The deli is located in a one story building sandwiched between 28 and 34 St. Lucia Avenue; the interior has several tables for eating in, and an outdoor eating area is located underneath a tent on the building's roof.

In a similar vein to Katz's Deli in New York City, Carmichael's is considered a local icon, however in Carmichael's case it is likely due to the relative rarity of full service delis on Carraway Island. The restaurant was voted the best deli in the country every year of its existence with two exceptions: the first is 2012, when a new deli by the name of Hortense's opened in Nestem, and the second is 2020, when Carmichael's was closed for the majority of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Development in Minecraft

The building for Carmichael's Deli was made by StaticAnnouncement as part of a new super-block development on St. Lucia Avenue. The entire block was made between December 28 and December 30, 2015.