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Map of bus routes in the City of Adustelan as of December 2016

The CIPTA Adustelan City Bus is the official bus transit system of the City of Adustelan. It is owned and operated by the Carraway Island Public Transit Authority, which also operates the Adustelan Metro System. As of 2015, the system has been based out of the Winslow Transit Hub.

As of October 22, 2016, the system consists of 5 services, all of which originate and end at Winslow.

  • 44 - Kemptons Local
  • 90 - Jennaviva/Wazchanck Local
  • 162 - West Riverbank Local
  • 210 - South Adustelan Express
  • 211 - Norville Loop Local

Development in Minecraft

Bus stops as standalone entities have been in the Minecraft rendition of the city since it began in July 2011. However, the stations were not formally organized until the creation of the system by StaticAnnouncement on October 21, 2016.