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The Adustelan Skuas are a professional ice hockey team based in the City of Adustelan that competes in the National Hockey League (NHL). The team plays its home games at the Joel-Cranston Crosscourts Arena. As of 2020, they are the only NHL franchise located outside of the United States and Canada.

The team was founded in 2003, and played as a member of the Carrawayan Hockey Association for its first two years, an association which consisted of only the Skuas and the Jan Beach Scavengers.

Since NHL play commenced in 2005, the team has been an exceptional case in the league in that it has operated independent of any of the league's four divisions as a consequence of lingering provisions imposed by the then recently repealed 1976 Carrawayan Corporate Enterprise Embargo. The team thus was originally unable to be considered for Stanley Cup playoff contention and was largely operated as an exhibition team until 2013, when the NHL playoff rules were updated to allow for conference-wide wild card picks to qualify for the playoffs. In this circumstance, the Skuas exist as a Western conference team; as such their only current route to the playoffs is through being picked as a wild card team for the Western conference.

Since their inaugural season, the Skuas have only qualified for the playoffs one time (2020), however the team was ordered by the Carrawayan government to opt out of the 2020 NHL playoffs due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

As of 2020, the Adustelan Skuas roster consists of 24 full-time players, discounting players occasionally called up from the team's AHL affiliate the Tipapelan Wave. Only six current players are originally from Carraway Island.

Updated December 4, 2019

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
27 CAN Merlin Baines RW R 22 2018 Toronto, Ontario
77 RUS Alek Bartikov C R 24 2019 Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
9 CAN Auguste Brodeur (A) LW L 23 2016 Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
49 USA Tristan Burns D R 26 2017 St. George, Utah
21 CAN Thomas Cancroft LW L 31 2011 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
1 USA Matt Farnsworth RW R 29 2010 Pensacola, Florida
12 CAN Greg Fryxel D L 27 2013 Abbotsford, British Columbia
15 CWI Mitch Hardy C R 33 2007 Adustelan, Carraway Island
40 CWI Bart Kansopel (A) C R 26 2013 Nestem, Carraway Island
4 USA Hunter Kennedy LW L 27 2013 Malden, Massachusetts
24 USA Zach Krueger RW R 22 2017 Huntington, New York
53 CAN Herb Lavibug RW R 21 2018 Fredericton, New Brunswick
80 CWI Jobo Mayer LW L 25 2019 Verq City, Carraway Island
91 USA Peter Mayhew D R 19 2019 Dodgeville, Wisconsin
69 CAN Ed McKenzie LW L 23 2017 Niagara Falls, Ontario
13 USA Tuck Millenton D R 26 2016 San Luis Obispo, California
2 CAN Wendell Muir D R 19 2019 Temiskaming Shores, Ontario
8 CWI Cayden Osennia-Ziphe D R 35 2005 Vernindelan, Carraway Island
33 CWI Aldman Regis G R 28 2012 Adustelan, Carraway Island
74 GER Aurel Riemann D R 23 2016 Regensburg, Germany
94 USA Kevin Sherwood LW L 30 2014 Mankato, Minnesota
6 USA Ryan Sinclair RW R 26 2016 Yakima, Washington
62 CWI Sado Tadpesak (C) C L 25 2014 Tipapelan, Carraway Island
11 POL Olgierd Wozniak G L 32 2007 Gdynia, Poland