Carraway Island Wiki

Adustelan-Tad Verq International Airport (IATATVQICAOPTVQ), commonly referred to by its callsign, is the primary international airport serving the City of Adustelan and, by extension, all of Carraway Island. It is by far the busiest airport on the island, serving around 18 million passengers annually. It has direct flights to over 120 locations globally, and is a major gateway to Asia and Australia from North America.

TVQ is located in the eastern portion of the City of Adustelan, served by the Tad Verq Expressway, which runs between Intercounty C4 and Intercounty C21.

The airport opened in 1959 as Adustelan International Airport in order to alleviate pressure from Loening Field, a smaller airport also located within city limits. It was rebranded to incorporate the native name of Carraway Island in 1986 after a public petition received over 500,000 signatures.

Today, TVQ handles the vast majority of commuter air services for the City of Adustelan, with only a few regional services being based out of Loening Field.