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City of Adustelan
AdustelanRENDER 1-3-17.png
Country: Carraway Island
Counties: Rilloq
Settled: ca. 500 A.D. (first city)

1806 (second city)

Incorporated as a City: 1897
Type: Mayor-Council
Mayor: StaticAnnouncement
Vice Mayor: FalconStorm
Estimate (2019): 2,074,211
Rank: 1st, Carraway Island
Other Information
Demonym: Adustelanite
Nickname: The Zenith of Outreach (official), The Pearl on the Banks, Adustyland
Motto: "How golden the sun that hugs the shore."

Adustelan, officially the City of Adustelan, is the capital and largest city of Carraway Island. It is located in the northeastern quadrant of the island, on the southern shore of Adustelan Bay, in the county of Rilloq, where it also serves as the county seat. The city was initially a secondary city in the civilization of Tad Verq which was first settled approximately 1,500 years ago. However, upon American settlement of the island in 1806, the area was favored over much larger Nestem. It is therefore the first modern settlement on the island, and was later incorporated into a city in 1897. It is also the main gateway into the country, and serves as the country's largest seaport.

As of the 2019 Census, the population of the Adustelan city proper, including all subdivisions and neighborhoods, was 2,074,211. The city is home to nearly two-thirds of the population of Carraway Island.

Adustelan plays a central role in the history and development of post-American-settlement Carraway Island as a whole. It was the site of the Battle of Kempton in 1929 which gained Carraway Island its independence from the United States, and afterwards continued to be a thriving hub for the island's manufacturing, commercial, and tourism sectors. Adustelan is the headquarters of national energy conglomerate the Bluval Corporation. The city also serves as a cultural capital, and is home to several landmarks including the Adustelan Diamond, the Marigold Building, Trade Center Adustelan, the famous Pokechohoeca Crater Park, and the world-renowned Regency Experimental Media Performing Arts Center. The city is also home to Devoner University, a top-tier research university with a renowned cooperative education program, and Staunton University, a more traditional four year university that also falls high on international rankings. The Adustelan Metro is the second rapid transit system in the world to operate 24 hours a day, second only to the New York City Subway in New York, USA.

Intercounty C4 (locally called the Dexonharzleman Expressway) serves the city and connects to the northern portion of Rilloq via the Ehrmantraut Harbor Bridge. Other major freeways in the city include the cross-island Intercounty C21 (locally called the Colbert Freeway), Intercounty C821 (Fortress Front Freeway), the Katonka Parkway, and the Werkheiser Viaduct.

Development in Minecraft

Adustelan was the first Carrawayan city to be started in Minecraft, before the concept of Carraway Island had even been conceived. StaticAnnouncement began construction in July 2011, with FalconStorm joining the project in early August. The city has been worked on by the two fairly regularly since. For three years, it remained the only Carrawayan city to be physically constructed, until October 2014, when FalconStorm began construction of the city of West Lakes .


Official neighborhood boundaries as of November 3, 2015


Neighborhoods of Adustelan
Bartlynnth Bellamyville City Center Cranston Dartervale Dolanburg East Kempton Ferfield Habercore Honeydew District Jenna Point Jennaviva Kempton Norville Quinton Regency Hollow Rodham Hill South Adustelan Ventana Beach Village of Well Hither Wazchanck Heights West Piers