8 New Villa Avenue

8 New Villa Avenue
Artist's Impression 2014
Artist's Impression 2014
General Information
Completed TBA 2023
Location 8 New Villa Avenue

East Kempton, Adustelan CW024

Minecraft Builder FalconStorm
Record Height
Tallest building in Adustelan? Never
Technical Details
Height 645ft Planned
Floor Count 31 Planned
Building Purpose Residential
Primary Building Materials Iron, Stone, Wool, Stainedglass
Added to ARHP Never

8 New Villa Avenue is a supertall residential skyscraper currently under construction in the neighborhood of East Kempton, Adustelan. As of its current plans it is set to become the tallest building in Adustelan, edging out Okun Tower by 22 feet. It will also be the second supertall skyscraper in East Kempton's emerging skyline, after Maltagratz 100.


Development of 8 New Villa began on March 19, 2014. The land was previously undeveloped and bought by Renco Properties in 2012. Upon acquisition of the property Renco's lead architect Howard Scott unveiled the design for 8 New Villa, the city's tallest building slated to overtake Okun upon completion. As of January 2016, the building is 8 stories above street level and construction is proceeding on schedule. The building is expected to be topped out in early 2022 and opened entirely sometime in 2023.

8 New Villa Ave. January 2016

Development in Minecraft

The building was created by FalconStorm on January 23, 2016 as a permanent construction site for the City of Adustelan.

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