49 Ventana Avenue

49 Ventana Avenue
49 Ventana Avenue from the street, January 2016
49 Ventana Avenue from the street, January 2016
General Information
Completed 2012
Location 49 Ventana Avenue

City Center, Adustelan CW002

Minecraft Builder StaticAnnouncement
Record Height
Tallest building in Adustelan? Never
Technical Details
Height 421 ft
Floor Count 22
Building Purpose Office
Primary Building Materials Iron, Obsidian
Added to ARHP Never

49 Ventana Avenue is a high rise skyscraper located in the neighborhood of City Center, Adustelan.

The building is the current headquarters of the Bluval Corporation.

As of 2017, it is the seventh-tallest building in the City of Adustelan.

Development in Minecraft

The building was constructed in 2012 by StaticAnnouncement, around the lobby of the former Crestman Center which was destroyed in mid 2012. The lobby has since been gutted and redone.

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