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The 44 (officially Kemptons Local) bus is a service of CIPTA Adustelan City Bus.

It is one of the most convoluted bus routes in the City of Adustelan, owing to it serving mainly Kempton and East Kempton, neighborhoods with somewhat convoluted traffic patterns.

The service is a loop which originates and ends at Winslow Transit Hub. There are no stops between Winslow and Gino Street as the route makes use of Intercounty C4.



NOTE: Some stations may repeat. Those that do are represented with the order in which the station is visited relative to the rest of the route.

Station Name


Bus Transfers

Adjacent Adustelan Metro Stations

Winslow Transit Hub (1) City Center 90, 162, 210, 211
Break in stations, bus takes I-C4
Gino Street East Kempton None None
Caspian Beach Street-West Ventana Beach None None
Caspian Beach Street-East Ventana Beach None None
Whitegale Avenue-East Kempton East Kempton None Whitegale Avenue-East Kempton (G, H)
Pacific Times/Meridian Street (1) East Kempton None None
Crosscourts Arena Cranston None Crosscourts (C, H)
Devoner University West Cranston None None
Pacific Times/Meridian Street (2) East Kempton None None
Pokechohoeca Crater Park Quinton None None
Walkfront Record Plaza Kempton None None
Amarillo Street & Myrtle Avenue Kempton None Amarillo Street-Kempton (G)
Rayson Square/Myrtle Avenue City Center 211 None
Holland Hill Plaza City Center None Holland Hill Plaza (F)
Regency Arts Center Regency Hollow None Regency Arts Center (A, B)
West City Center/Okun Tower City Center 90, 210 Okun Tower-Ocean Avenue (E)
Winslow Transit Hub (2) City Center 90, 162, 210, 211
  • Goldwater-Crestman Hospital (A, C, E)
  • Trade Center-Winslow (A, C, D)