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The 210 (officially South Adustelan Express) bus is a service of CIPTA Adustelan City Bus.

The route mainly serves as an express connector to the more suburban neighborhood of South Adustelan. However, on the return trip, the route does stop in Jennaviva and City Center.

The service is a loop which originates and ends at Winslow Transit Hub.



NOTE: Some stations may repeat. Those that do are represented with the order in which the station is visited relative to the rest of the route.

Station Name Locale Bus Transfers Adjacent Adustelan Metro Stations
Winslow Transit Hub (1) City Center 44, 90, 162, 211
Break in stations, bus takes I-C4 / Crosses Jennaviva River
Wakeman Estates/Hogarth Drive South Adustelan None None
Break in stations, bus takes I-C4 / Crosses Jennaviva River
Jennaviva Loading Docks Jennaviva None None
Juilard Museum/Souls Memorial Jennaviva 90 Souls (B, D)
West City Center/Okun Tower City Center 44, 90 Okun Tower-Ocean Avenue (E)
Winslow Transit Hub (2) City Center 44, 90, 162, 211
  • Goldwater-Crestman Hospital (A, C, E)
  • Trade Center-Winslow (A, C, D)