1955 Lynnthomas Street train crash

On August 29, 1955, an express C Line train derailed on the Adustelan Rapid Transit System while traveling west between Fern Corner and Lynnthomas Street stations.

The crash was a combined result of the train speeding too fast and the tracks of the elevated line expanding in the hot summer heat. It is estimated that the train was traveling at 50 mph at the time of derailment, which sent the train barreling into the station platform, with one car falling off of the tracks onto Lynnthomas Street.

Nine people including the train's engineer were killed and a further 67 were injured. The crash ultimately solidified the plans for creating a newer, safer metro system to replace the ARTS, which was gradually decommissioned between 1962 and 1966.

The crash is to date the deadliest single mass-transit disaster in Adustelan history (the 2015 Crestman Hospital attack killed 15 people in the Adustelan Metro, but was part of a larger attack).

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